M-Files workflows revolution

It's important to have intuitive graph ! shapes and colors makes life better...

Auto Generated

Automatically generate state chart diagram with customized shapes, transitions and arrows

Set Next State

With one click, set workflow to next state with transition message

Full Customization

Cusomize colors, stroke, font style and size, link style, multiple layouts and more

Light/Dark Modes

Make light or dark states, with light or dark background

Drag & Zoom

Zoom and drag your graph, zoom to current state or to fit full graph in view

20 shapes, 9 arrow types and 3 link types

Select from 20 shapes, 9 arrow types and 3 line interpolation types, the way you want to display your workflow , state, transition and arrow

Markdow Syntax

Use Markdown syntax in Workflow, State or transition description for better formating, make your descriptions amazing !

Transition History

See the path your object took to reach the current state

Workflow Dashboard allows you to see basic M-Files workflows into visual state charts or flowchart diagrams, using custom shapes and colors, displaying automatic transitions, transitions labels and description tooltips to make your workflow more intuitive


  • Auto generated graph
  • Set next state with one click
  • Set transition comment
  • Zoom to fit graphe, current state or 100%
  • Drag and Zoom with mouse
  • Display automatic transitions
  • Show state description, actions and conditions on mouse hover
  • Show transition description and trigger
  • Show workflow description
  • Markdown support
  • Toggle Transitions history path
  • Custom colors for no state, previous, current, next and selectable states
  • Toggle grid display
  • Toggle dark/light background
  • Toggle horizontal/vertical graph
  • Show/hide grid
  • Debug mode
  • 20 selectable state shapes
  • 9 arrow types
  • 3 transition line types
  • Transition style
  • Automatic state shapes
  • Global default settings
  • Workflow custom settings
  • State custom settings
  • Transition custom settings
  • Custom stroke width
  • Custom font size and style
  • Toggle transition labels
  • Display IDs and aliases in debug mode
Quick access to customize view
States colors legend
Interact with graph, show state description tooltip when mouse hover
Customize your descrition using Markdown syntax
Get your state ID and aliase in debug mode
See your state actions, preconditions and post conditions
Show transition labels