Simplified JSON SyntaxΒΆ

Workflow and State customization uses JSON syntax with some changes to make it simpler and easier:

  • Configuration settings should begins with left brace { and ends with right brace }.

  • Options should be separated with comma ,, except for unique option or last one.

  • To set an option, you simply write the option name and its value, separated with colon :, for instance: {shape:circle}, {shape:roundRect, color:#f8c}

  • Do not use double quotes " as default JSON syntax do.

  • Boolean values are true or false.

  • Colors uses hexadecimal notation, starting with hashtag # symbol fellowed by 6 hexadecimal digits, for inctance: #F506B7

  • A color code can be simplified to 3 digits when possible, for instance: #CC9922 can be simplified to #C92

You can read about color code at this link Colors HEX.