State Configuration

State Configuration allow you to override default state appearance set in Global Configuration AND Workflow Configuration for a given state. To set state configuration, simply add your configuration in state description using simplified Simplified JSON Syntax.


After you have made changes to workflow, you’ll need to update metadata cache (see Update Workflows).

In this table you’ll find all possible options that you can set for your state:






The default shape for current state, for full list of possible options, see JSON State Shape values


hex color

The color for current state, this will override the default color set in Workflow Configuration and in Global State Colors


true or false

When you set the color value, it twill overrides all the values set for default, previous, current, next and selectable set in in Workflow Configuration and in Global State Colors, if you want to override only the default state color, then set this option to false


true or false

Whether to use colors to fill the shape or for stroke color


true or false

When fill option is set to false, whether to use light color to fill the shape or for text


  • b

  • i

  • bi

The font style for current workflow’s states text, you can use b for bold, i for italic or bi for bold italic



The size in pixels for current state text



The width in pixels for shape stroke, 0 for no stroke


This configuration set in state description will force this state shape to document and overrides all default values for color, stroke, size and text style:

{shape:document, color:#37aad4, stroke:5, size:14, style:bi}


And this is the resulting graph, note that the state color overrides the Selectable color, to avoide this behavior and override only default color, add the option forceColor:false in the state configuration.