Before the installation of Workflow Dashboard to any of your vaults, please check the following prerequisites:

  1. Make a full backup of your vault, so that you can revert to this stage, if anything goes wrong! (

  2. If not already done, download the WorkflowDashboard.<VERSION>.mfappx file.

  3. Have Administrator rights to the vault

  4. Make sure that your license file is available, otherwise the application will run as trial.

Installing the application

To install the MFAPPX Vault application, please follow the following steps:

  1. Start M-Files Admin.

  2. Select the target vault.

  3. Right-click on the vault name, choose Applications

  4. In the dialog choose Install…

  5. Select the application file with the .mfappx extension.

  6. Answer yes to the question Do you want to restart the document vault now.

How to find my M-Files Serial Number?

To know where to find your M-Files Serial Number, please fellow the steps at this Link

How to find my Vault GUID?

To find your M-Files Vault GUID or Unique ID, simply right click on the Vault in M-Files Admin, then click on Properties in the context menu, the Vault Unique ID is under the Name in General tab.

How to find my Instance ID?

  1. Right click on the vault where the Workflow Dashboard is installed

  2. Click on Applications

  3. Select Workflow Dashboard from the applications list

  4. Click on License button

  5. The Instance ID will be displayed on the License Information pane

License ID

Installing the license

  1. Start M-Files Admin

  2. Select the vault where Workflow Dashboard is installed

  3. Right-click on the vault name, choose Applications

  4. Select Workflow Dahsboard application in the list

  5. Click on License… and select the .lic file that was provided.

  6. Apply the license.